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猪鼻谷フォレストパークキャンプ場&オートキャンプ場周辺観光AROUND Awazi Island

& Sumoto City

昔から関西の奥座敷として愛されてきた洲本温泉、近年もホテルニューアワジさんのTVコマーシャルでテーマソングや洲本市出身の朝比奈彩(あさひな あや)さんの登用で話題になっています。また、洲本城や国定公園 大浜公園での海水浴、炬口漁港やサントピアマリーナでのファミリーフィッシングなどご家族で素朴に楽しんでいただけるスポットがたくさんあります。


Sumoto Onsen, which has been loved as the back room of Kansai for a long time, has been talked about in recent years as a theme song for Hotel New Awaji's TV commercial and for the appointment of Aya Asahina from Sumoto City. In addition, there are many spots that families can enjoy simply, such as swimming at Sumoto Castle and Ohama Park, and family fishing at Takenokuchi Fishing Port and Sun Topia Marina.



Awaji Island is an island in the Seto Inland Sea and is famous for Ningyo Joruri. Awaji Ningyo Joruri is performed at Awaji Ningyo-za in Minamiawaji City. Sumoto Castle has been rebuilt on the hill and overlooks Osaka Bay. In the north, there is Awaji Yumebutai, a complex facility designed by Tadao Ando and completed after the Great Hanshin-Kobe Earthquake. One of the highlights here is the flower beds that line up in steps. Awaji Island and Kobe City are connected by the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. In recent years, popular theme parks have been created one after another in the North-Awaji area.



We are telling you a lot about the charm of Awaji Island.


Sumoto City has prospered as the central city of Awaji Island. In the center of the city is the symbolic Sumoto Castle Ruins and Ohama Park, which is crowded with many swimmers in the summer.

Optional tour





 If you would like to fish in the sea, please let us know by email. Why don't you enjoy full-scale sea fishing on a boat tailored by a fishing expert? You can fully enjoy your budget from 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen.


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